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Avni to Stop Riya’s Marriage Naamkaran Latest News| Droutinelife

Droutinelife : Naamkaran upcoming twist: Avni (Aditi Rathore) to enter Mehta house amid Riya’s wedding, Neil (Zain Imam) helps Avni in her mission

The latest news of Star Plus’ show Naamkaran is that Avni will make an entry on Mehta house once again and will lay out her plan to seek revenge. Avni has only one mission and it is to seek revenge from Daya and get her brother Aman back in her life.

Avni has crossed paths with inspector Neil who will initially be thorn in her path but later he will turn out to be a big help in Avni’s mission. The upcoming twist of Naamkaran will be Avni’s entry in Daya’s house amid Riya’s wedding. Riya has been Avni’s enemy in childhood days and Avni and Riya’s enmity will continue even in adult life. Avni will enter the Mehta house but no one will recognize her to be Avni. Avni will make sure to create some big drama amid the wedding and she will end up stopping the wedding from taking place.

Avni will payback for all the wrong that has been done to her and she will bring sorrow in Mehta house by ending their happiness. It is also expected that Riya will fall in love with Neil and there will be a new love triangle between Neil, Riya and Avni. Let’s wait and see how Avni fulfills her mission and makes Daya pay for all her crimes. Stay tuned for more updates, news and future story on Naamkaran.

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