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Kirti Bhoutika MasterChef India 2016 Winner Name | Who won MasterChef India | Droutinelife

Droutinelife : MasterChef India Winner is Kirti Bhoutika.

Kirti Bhoutika has won MasterChef India 2016. She is a focused young girl who knows what she wants and how to get it. Coming from a big family where they celebrate girls in the family she is determined to make it big in life. A nutritionist by qualification and a cook at heart she fell in love with Bakery and Pastry. Her small business of making gourmet cakes and desserts is an inspiring story. I have to admit I was not as bold as her in determination at 20. Her cake shop Super Bakery is a first step to a bigger plan in life.

Kirti Bhoutika | MasterChef India Winner Kirti 2016


NAME – Kriti Bhoutika

AGE – 20 Years

CITY – Kolkatta

PROFESSION – Nutritionist and Baker

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