Ambuja Cement's 'Giant strength for the Giant' advertisment

Ambuja Cement’s ‘Giant strength for the Giant’ advertisment | Droutinelife

In what seems like a coming of age of cement brand advertising, Ambuja Cement has released yet another comic spot for their latest commercial titled ‘Giant strength for the Giant’. The advertisment features the WWE Heavyweight Champion Great Khali. The ad has taken the social media by storm, with people widely appreciating this unique creative approach ever made by any cement brand in India. The ad, conceptualised by Publicis, takes a humourous and light hearted approach to highlight the story of Khali’s life, how the strength which gave him recognition was turning to be his biggest problem.

The ad of Ambuja Cement starts with the helpless Giant man in pain because he has never been able to enjoy the bliss of being at home. Owing to his huge weight, everything in his home easily breaks, including the ceiling of their house, which breaks over her mother’s head and gets her covered in dust. The ad shows several comic instances which speak about, how his strength which was the cause of all recognition and fame once, that very strength has now become a problem. Things continued like this for some time more, until his aunt, suggested him one day to do his home with Ambuja Cement. It was then that, he realised the true joys of being at home.

One usually sees no or very little creativity when it comes to cement ads. Ambuja Cements is, however, the only cement brand with any ad recall value. Though the ads have been pretty standard in terms of creativity, Ambuja Cements has up its ante since Publicis took over as the creative agency.


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