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Bhanwari Devi will support to whom Aditya or Sher Singh

Droutinelife :  Bhanwri Devi (Narayani Shastri) is plotting against Shraddha (Kirtida Mistry) and encouraging her to consume alcohol and behave like Sher (Gaurav S Bajaj) if she wanted to join the business, the track has again mellowed down showing a love blossoming between her and Sher.

Now, the show will again bring in another twist where Aditya and Sher will have a major fight.

Aditya and Sher will have a major fight related to their business. The fight will reach to such an extent that their personal lives will be dragged into the fight and this is when Bhanwri Devi will step in to stop the fight.

Now the question arises, To whom will Bhanwari Devi support now?

We have brought the piece of news only for our readers that Bhanwri Devi will support Aditya. Now what will Sher Singh do?  Keep watching Piya Rangrezz to know more.  To get latest updates like us on facebook

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  1. I love u gaurav…I could not express my feelings how much…….. I love u and iam watching most pia rangrezz…. And u don’t marry with chand u always be with kirtida

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