Sandhaya become fool by Chandu, real boss of Garjana

Droutinelife : Sandhaya become fool by Chandu, real boss of Garjana РSandhaya is searching the mastermind of the terrorist group. As per the present track Sandhaya thinks that she will find Chandu the real Chief of Garjana in the village theater.

It looks that the hunting for Chandu will become tougher and tougher. Because everyone in the village call each other Chandu. It will make Sandhaya confused.

Infact Shekhar is the real boss of Garjana, the terrorist group. But she thinks that Shekhar is an artist. He cann’t be a terrorist.

Wait and watch, will Sandhaya be able to know Shekhar’s reality that who is the chief or real boss of Garjana.

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