Comedy Nights with Kapil |Post Leap | Take a break | New cast and role

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Comedy Nights With Kapil is high on entertainment but the episodes did need a bit of spicing up. So, the makers of the show have introduced a one-year leap on the show. While leaps are commonplace in daily soaps, this is the first time that a comedy show such as CNWK has undergone a leap. A lot of things have changed for the better.
The characters have different roles now.  Gutthi and Palak Still can’t dance.

Kapil’s wife is no longer a housewife and has a job
Gutthi has her own parlour now
Palak, well Palak’s just being herself.
Kapil Sharma finally has a baby! And with his wife away, the host of the show has to take care of the baby too. But being the multi-tasker that he is, Kapil continues interviewing celebs for his magazine. Here’s who he chose to meet after a year’s leap ahead…

Comedy Nights with Kapil |Post Leap | Take a break | New cast and role
Comedy Nights with Kapil

Akshay Kumar-Shruti Haasan: The first guests on Kapil’s show post the leap are Akshay Kumar and Shruti Haasan. The lead actors of Gabbar Is Back made their presence felt on the show. Akshay was quick to dole out some gyaan on corruption, which is the theme of his upcoming release. Akshay’s anti-corruption talk was fun. He suggested that every time a citizen of the country breaks the law, there should be punishment of some kind. He cited the example of breaking the signal and suggested that the miscreant’s hair be shaved off on the spot to ensure that he doesn’t repeat his mistake. While Akshay and Shruti were interesting enough, Gutthi and her boyfriend’s antics were hilarious.

Ekta gets a marriage proposal on the show: During a section of the show when Kapil throws the forum open for audiences to ask questions, a youngster from Indore requested if he could come on stage. Both the ladies were nervous not knowing what was in store for them, especially Ekta, who hardly makes television appearances. The young man who came on stage went down on his knees and proposed marriage to Ekta. He kept referring to her as “Ekta ji” and “Ekta madam” and finally down to “Eku”. When she told him to look at Sunny instead, he insisted that his emotions were for Ekta. He was adamant that he wouldn’t leave till Ekta had accepted the match. The mystery finally unraveled when it was revealed that the man was a struggling actor, hoping to land a role by impressing the czarina with his emotional display. Unfortunately for him, his Eku was far from impressed!

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