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Sexy Swimwear in Swim Team Channel V

Sexy Swimwear in Swim Team Channel V

A Bunch of hotties flaunting underwater swimming in gorgeous biknis. There will not only be girls, there will be boys to show off their chiseled torsos and sculpted bodies. Swim Team on Channel V will really be proved to be a much Bold Series. I am sure it will be a sizzling show.

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Swim Team on Channel V is a youth based show having a unique concept which is never seen before. The plot is based on swimming. There are some movies based on sports such as Chak De!, Lagaan, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar and Iqbal. But it will be for the first time on Television, a sport (Swimming) based show. The show is full of drama and energy moreover sexy swimwear. There will be curosity and excitement in the show.

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