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Agnifera Serial Cast and Crew

Agnifera Serial is Directed and Produced by Ravi Raj.  It is the first venture of Ravi Raj as Producer.  Ravi Raj has started his own Production House named Ravi Raj Productions.  ‘Agnifera’ is the social drama starring Ankit Gera, Yukti Kapoor in lead roles.   The story will traverse into showing a love story and the coming of age of the girl who would come face to face with ‘love’ and ‘being loved’… Agnifera Serial Timings

‘Agnifera’ Serial Full Star Cast All Characters Real Name

Yukti Kapoor as Ragini in Agnifera

The girl Yukti Kapoor is playing the character of Ragini in Agnifera Serial on And TV. She is a typical dabangg character.  She loves to show-off her skills with the revolver and gun.  She has play the characters of Urmila in “Siya Ke Ram” and Sudha in “Balika Vadhu“.  Actress Yukti Kapoor is playing a ‘rough and tough’ role in fiction show “Agnifera“.  Till now she has played the sweet and coy characters.  Now she will be seen as a Dabang gun-wielding girl Ragini in &TV’s fiction show Agnifera.

Ragini is a firebrand who believes that the only way to convince someone is by threatening them. She is rough and tough by nature but is also very funny.

Ankit Gera as Anurag in AgniferaAnkit Gera in Agnifera | Anurag in Agnifera | Agnifera Serial Cast | Agnifera Serial Cast and Crew | Agnifera Serial

Ankit Gera is playing the role of Anurag who is a an MBA-return from London.  He has shed 10 Kgs of weight to look younger.  He has also learned Marshal Arts for the serial.  He follows a strict diet to flaunt a leaner look in his new serial Agnifera.  Anurag has studied in abroad.  He is very sophisticated and smart. He is extremely pampered by his family and is also very impulsive with his decisions. He is stubborn by nature and used to having his own way in most situations.  Actor Ankit Gera is best known for his roles in shows like “Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya“, “Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke” and “Santoshi Maa“.  He has been roped in to play a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) in the “Agnifera”.

Simran Kaur as Srishti in AgniferaSimran Kaur in Agnifera | Srishti in Agnifera | 'Agnifera' Serial Cast and Crew | Droutinelife | Agnifera full cast | Pics | Photos | Images

Srishti is one of the brides in Agnifera.  There are two brides and one groom in &TV Agnifera Serial.  Srishti is a smart and intelligent middle class girl who is in the final year of studying law.  Simran has been researching on the body language of lawyers through online videos and reading up their connotations.

Shalu Shreya as Divya

Divya Real Name is Shalu Shreya.  Divya is the younger sister of Anurag role played by Ankit Gera.  Divya is a full-of-life girl.  She is lively, entertaining.  She is very different in her thought process when compared to the others in the family who have an aggressive outlook. She wants to become an actor.  Divya is very filmy in her mannerisms and will also have a modern look.  The role of divya is played by Shalu Shreya.  Shalu was last seen in Piya Rangreez Serial on Life OK.

Amita Choksi as mother of Anurag

Amita Choksi is essaying the role of Mother of Anurag in Agnifera Serial on &TV.  She is paired opposite Sunil Singh of Balika Vadhu fame. She will play the mother of the male protagonist, Ankit Gera.  She has earlier played the role of mother in SAB TV’s Serial Baalveer.

Ibrar Yakub as Anurag Uncle

Actor Ibrar Yakub will play a prime character in Agnifera.   Ibrar was last seen on TV in Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev, will make a comeback on television with this show.  He will essay the younger brother of Sunil Singh, and uncle to the male lead, Ankit Gera. Sunil Singh (the elder brother) will have the mindset of adjusting to the changing times and let go off his zamindari, the younger brother, played by Ibrar will harbour thoughts of holding on to the zamindari lifestyle. Ibrar’s character is extremely positive and caring towards his own family.

Sunil Singh as Anurag Father Zamindar

Actor Sunil Singh who created terror in his ‘Akheraj’ avatar on Colors’ Balika Vadhu is back on TV.  He’s bagged a very challenging and different role in And TV Agniphera Serial.  Sunil Singh has been roped in to play father to Ankit Gera. His character will be of a rich zamindar, going through the ordeals of losing his position owing to the changing times.  He will play the jamindaar who would be willing to accept the change and start afresh.  In Balika Vadhu, Sunil has plaed a typically negative role.  Now in Agnifera he is playing an extremely positive role in the show.  Sunil Singh was earlier seen in the Life OK show Kaisa Ye Ishq Hai.

Vedant Sawant

Agnifera Serial Crew

TV Serial Name : Agnifera
TV Channel : &TV
Director : Ravi Raj
Producer : Ravi Raj
Production House : Ravi Raj Productions

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