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Descendants of the Sun’ Korean TV Serial is starting on Zindagi TV Channel from 8th Feb, 2016 replacing the ongoing serial TV Ke Uss Paar at 8 O’ clock.  Recently Zindagi TV has launched the Ukarine drama ‘Snowdrop‘.  Zindagi Channel is well known for launching the serial accross the border such as Fatmagul, Feriha, Little Lord, Kuzey Guney and many more.

‘Descendants of the Sun’ Korean Drama Story Zindagi TV

Shi-Jin (Song Joong-Ki) is the captain of the special forces. He catches a motorcycle thief with Sergeant Major Dae-Young (Jin Goo). The thief is injured during his capture and is sent to the hospital. Dae-Young realises his cellphone was stolen by the thief and goes to the hospital with Shi-Jin to get his cellphone.

In the emergency room, Shi-Jin meets Dr. Mo-Yeon (Song Hye-Kyo) for the first time. He falls in love with her at first sight. Mo-Yeon thinks that Shi-Jin is part of thief’s criminal gang. He proves to her that he is a soldier with the help of army doctor Myeong-Joo (Kim Ji-Won).

Shi-Jin and Mo-Yeon begin to date, but due to their jobs their dates don’t go well. Shi-Jin takes an order to lead his soldiers on a peace keeping mission to the country of Uruk. In between Mo-Yeon becomes upset because she fails to become a professor due to a colleague’s privileged background. When Shi-Jin and Mo-Yeon meet again, they talk about their views on life and realises how different they are. Shi-Jin, as a soldier, kills to protect lives and Mo-Yeon, as a doctor, tries to save all lives. They say their goodbyes.

Eight months later, Mo-Yeon rebuffs the sexual advances of hospital chairman Suk-Won (Tae In-Ho) and as retribution is assigned to lead a medical team in Uruk. There, Shi-Jin and Mo-Yeon meet again.

In Uruk their love for each other grows stronger. While in Urk, Mo-yeon accidentally confesses her feelings and they start dating.

They continue their dates in Korea also until Si-jin and Dae-young are sent on an operation.  During this operation, they disappear and are assumed to be dead. Months pass, and Mo-yeon mourns his death, deciding to commemorate his passing with a volunteer trip to Albania. This is where Si-jin eventually finds her after he and Dae-young are rescued from captivity by “a friend from afar”, a soldier from North Korea whom Si-jin had helped save earlier. Si-jin and Mo-yeon along with Myeong-ju and Dae-young are all happily reunited with each other.

Descendants of the Sun’ Korean TV Serial on Zindagi Cast Real Names

  • Song Joong-ki as Captain Yoo Si-jin(Male Lead)
  • Song Hye-kyo as Doctor Kang Mo-yeon(Female Lead)
  • Jin Goo as Sergeant First Class Seo Dae-young
  • Kim Ji-won as First Lieutenant Yoon Myeong-ju
  • Onew

Descendants of the Sun’ Korean TV Serial on Zindagi Timings

TV Serial : Descendants of the Sun
TV Channel :Zindagi Tv
Production House : Zindagi tv productions
Start/Launch Date : 8 February 2017
Days : Mon-Sat
Timings : 08.00pm
Repeat Telecast :12.00pm
Replacing Serial :Tv Ke Uss Paar
Director: Lee Eung-Bok, Baek Sang-Hoon
Writer: Kim Eun-Sook, Kim Won-Suk
No of Episodes: 16

Zindagi TV has launched the promo of ‘Descendants of the Sun’ Korean TV Serial on Zindagi Channel and You Tube.


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  2. Hi, Thanks to channel Zindagi for launching this serial. I love Sergeant & Kim a lot.. Awaiting for next part… please come back soon.

  3. Love this serial a lot. İ like Si-jin and Mo yeon a lot

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