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Meri Sasu Maa Spoilers – Maa Sahab’s real identity | Droutinelife

Who is Maa Sahab????

What is the real identity of Maa Sahab????

Fans of Zee TV serial “Meri Sasu Maa” will have to gear up for some interesting twists in the upcoming episodes!

Viewers will be left hocked when they will see Maa Sahab (Anandita Saha) going to a particular Samadhi to mourn and cry over the death tomb of someone close to her.

Chhote Babu, who is actually Baba Sahab (Romi Jaspal), the husband of Maa Sahab will follow her to the death tomb. Thats when Baba Sahab will get a shock of his life when he will get to know that Maa Sahab is sitting near the tomb of Bhawna Devi.

Maa Sahab in Meri Sasu Maa

Maa Sahab in Meri Sasu Maa

It is known that Bhawna Devi is the real name of Maa Sahab. And now with Maa Sahab crying before the tomb of the dead Bhawna, a question mark will be raised over the identity of Maa Sahab.

Baba Sahab who very well knows that Maa Sahab is not Bhawna will burn with anger, and will decide to seek revenge for all that Maa Sahab has done.

What is the real identity of Maa Sahab?

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