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Zee TV is all set to launch a one hour special weekend series called ‘Ek nazariya ummeed ka’. Introducing a format on Indian television, the show depicts how one Zee TV protagonist’s life journey can serve as a ray of hope and a path-changing moment in the journey of another character from the same show. This will make the character view her own circumstances from a fresh perspective. In an episode, viewers can look forward to a protagonist from one of Zee TV’s prime time shows watching some of the most defining moments of the life of their show’s leading lady that inspire her to approach her battles differently. The concept is in fine sync with the channel’s core proposition of Har Lamha Nayi Ummeed.

Stories of ‘Ek nazariya ummeed ka’

Narrating the first story of ‘Ek nazariya ummeed ka’ is the famous actor Daljeet Kaur (seen as Manjiri of Kaala Teeka) who will share her thoughts on how Kaali’s journey inspires her and gives her hope & encouragement to fight the evils in her life against all odds.

Speaking about Ek nazariya ummeed ka, Daljeet says, “For the first time, I will be hosting a show, even if it is just for an episode. I am extremely excited, but nervous at the same time. The differentiated concept instantly appealed to me as it is a first on Indian television. It will see me as Manjiri reacting to Kaali’s struggle against andhvishwaas. It will be the journey of one protagonist told from another’s point of view. In the episode, I will be seen as Manjiri who is stirred by Kaali’s journey against outdated, superstitious beliefs of society. Just like my character, in my real life too, I’m moved by Kaali’s journey. In our daily lives, we unknowingly abide by superstitions that we blindly follow.  Questioning initiates a healthy process of rationalization. I hope viewers will appreciate a new perspective that we aim to bring through this special series.”

Next in line in this weekend series is Maa Sahab (Anandita Kapileshwari) of Meri Saasu Maa speaking of leading lady Pari’s (Hiba Nawab) journey from her own lens and Kalpana Ghosh (Rohini Bannerjee)of Vishkanya tracing the path of Aparajita’s (Aishwarya Khare) life.

Timing Schedule of ‘Ek nazariya ummeed ka

Ek nazariya ummeed ka’ is Starting from Saturday 30th April, the show will air on Saturday at 5 PM and the repeat telecast will be shown on next day Sunday at 12 PM on Zee TV.

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