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Droutinelife : ‘Rubaru’ Zindagi Tv Show Wiki Story, Plot, Cast, Title Song, Timings, Full Story, Repeat Telecast Timing, Full Details – ‘RuBaru’ is an Upcoming Tv serial on Zee Zindagi TV Channel, going to be start from 18 September, 2015 taking the time slot of Noor Bano replacing at 9 pm from Monday to Saturday.  The Story is written by Hoor Shumail and Directed by Saif e Hassan.  ‘Rubaru’ Serial is Produced by Momina Duraid. In Pakistan,this Tv serial was aired with the same title as Ru Baru on Hum tv.  Saira Yousuf and Adnan Siddiqui playing lead role.

Story of ‘RuBaru’ Zindagi Tv Serial Wiki

Ru Baru is the story of a girl ‘Sabiha’ who is living with her Uncles and grandmother after the death of her parents.  She gets engaged by her grandmother efforts but in the mean time ‘Sarmad’ who is her cousin’s friend breaks her engagement and gets marry with her.  After this, she came to know that Sarmad is her step mother’s son and the story takes a turn with this.  Rubaru The Story of Love, Betrayal & Revenge.

‘Rubaru’ Full Story – Shabeeh is an orphan thus living with her granny and uncles. The insulting attitude of her aunt and cousin always remindes her that she doesn’t originally belong to this house.  Only Granny loves her.  Rejected by her outer surroundings, Shabeeh takes refuge in art. She is an artistic girl who loves to play with clay.

Her grandmother gets her engaged, however, her cousin’s friend Sarmad breaks off her engagement and marries her. It is only after that, that she discovers Sarmad is her mother’s step son and new facets of his obsessive and emotional personality.  Sarmad  is friends with Shabeeh’s cousin Tipu (Tipu Sharif).

One day while visiting him, he discovers that Shabeeh is the daughter of his step-mom. He eventually marries her only to take revenge of his father’s betrayal to his mother. Shabeeh, who already had led a very difficult life, now have no other option but to adjust with her husband. She discovers how her late-mother ended up to be Sarmad’s stepmother.

The story goes in flashback, Taimoor (Sarmad’s father) loves Neelam(Shabeeh’s mother) who is his student in university in Turkey. Neelam struggles for what she wanted most in her life, Taimoor. Even though Taimoor was married and had a son, Neelam kept persuading him to leave his wife. Taimoor’s Wife couldn’t see him having an affair with Neelam so she becomes depressed. Neelam goes back to Pakistan and there her parents get to know her relationship with Taimoor, they are very upset because of this and her brother forces her to marry who ever will bring her a proposal. Neelam’s mother tells him not to force her and wait for better proposal but he doesn’t agree and she is married right away to a not so good looking guy. She doesn’t love him even though her husband loves and cares for her a lot. Taimoor decides to come to Pakistan because he couldn’t live without Neelam and his wife becomes extremely depressed and becomes mentally disturbed and that is how she falls from upstairs and dies. After her death taimoor tells Neelam to leave her husband and marry him.

Neelam very cleverly takes divorce and leaves her husband and marries Taimoor and leaves her new born daughter (Shabeeh) to her husband. On knowing this her husband dies and her child is given back to Neelam to care of her. Sarmad who is very young at the time,saw his mother dying in front of him and he becomes mentally disturbed and has mental issues. When Neelam lives with them her treatment with Sarmad is very harsh and it affects Sarmad and later he gets required to go to psychiatrist. Sarmd’s father dies as Sarmad had planned to add poison in Neelam’s tea but father drinks it and dies. On seeing this Neelam kills herself by taking the poison too. Sarmad in later years is brought up by his uncle. This was the story of Shabeeh’s mother in the past and how Sarmad had become what he was in present. Shabeeh struggles and goes through a very hard time with Sarmad.

Title Song of ‘Rubaru’ Zindagi Tv Show Wiki

Timings Schedule of ‘Rubaru’ Zindagi Tv Upcoming Show Wiki

‘Rubaru’ Zindagi TV is going to start from 18th September on Zee Zindagi Premium Channel.  Noor Bano Serial will be replaced by ‘Rubaru’ serial, airing at 9 pm.

Cast and Crew of ‘Rubaru’ Zindagi Tv Upcoming Show Wiki

Saira Yousuf as Shabeeha and Neelam
Adnan Siddiqui as Taimoor
Faizan Khawaja as Sarmad
Saba Faisal as Tipu’s Mother
Behroz Sabzwari as Jameel Ahmad (Tipu’s Father)
Tipu Shareef as Tipu
Sameen Ali as Kiren
Tabassum Arif as Kiren’s mother
Mehwish Hayat as Sarmad’s mother

TV Show Name : ‘Rubaru’
Tv Channel Name : Zindagi tv
Writer : Hoor Shumail
Director : Saif e Hassan
Producer : Momina Duraid
Genre – Drama
Language – Hindi
Replace which serial : Noor Bano
Launch/ Start Date : 18 September 2015
Days : Mon-Sat
Timings : 09.00 pm
Repeat Telecast Timing : 3:00 am, 6:00 am, 9:26 am

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