Gopi’s Daughter Meera and Vidhya become Saans Bahu

Meera and Vidhya will become saas bahu

Droutinelife : Dharam is a big body-builder who is seen exercising with his fellow men in the village and doing Pooja to Lord Shiva.  Dharam has join his mother Gaura and son Shravan to move forward the revenge drama.  In the upcoming episode Dharam will get married to Meera because Meera wants to get married with Sharvan, so Meera will land up in Modi house marring his father Dharam.

Gopi’s daughters will be seen playing the role on Saas and Bahu!! Meera becomes mother-in-law to Vidya by marrying Shravan’s father.

Gopi gets intuition that something will go wrong in Modi house  as she prays to Kanhaji for safety of her family.

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