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Shikkan is an Upcoming Serial on Zindagi TV Channel. Shikkan is directed by Shahrazade Sheikh. The story for Shikkan is written by Samira Fazal. There is Love, Emotions, Jealousy and Hate in Shikkan Serial. It is a complex story of sibling rivalry.

It is the story of two sisters, named Zaib and Natasha. Both of them always try to be more smarter than another and get married to two brothers. Now the drama starts. The two sisters become sister-in-law. One of them always try to plot against other and other one either ducks it or falls.
Natasha is an educated upper class but lazy women. She has never worked a day in her life. After marriage, she lives like a princess. Due to the dominant nature of Natasha, she feels jealousy and anger towards her sister Zaib. Natasha feels that Zaib is always been the favored one by everyone. She is a smart and smooth talking woman. Her sole focus is bringing her sister down so that she may win over her and for that she goes to unimaginable heights and even resorts to using black magic.

It will be good to see that how a rival nature in a family can destroy a family. The Hate between them leads to destruction. No doubt, the story has a capabilty to leave a mark on Viewers heart.

Star Cast of Shikkan | Actors in Lead Role | Zindagi

  • Aamina Sheikh as Zeb
  • Shamim Hillaly
  • Mira Sethi as Natasha
  • Adeel Hussein
  • Wasay Chaudry
  • Muhamma Ahmed
  • Parveen Akbar
  • Daniyal Raheal as Bilal

Extremely Talented and Versatile Aamina Sheikh, is essaying the character of Zaib. Zeb is the elder daughter of the family and the more matured and responsible of the two sisters. Asides from being incredibly beautiful, Zebis multi-talented and is able to balance both her career and her household responsibilities which makes her well-liked by everyone except her sister.
Mira Sethi is making her debut on Zindagi Channel with Shikkan. She has been roped in to play the role of Natasha. She will be seen jealous and immature younger sister of Zeb.

There is a deep sibling rivalry between Natasha and Zeb.

Timings and start date of Shikkan Zindagi

Shikkan serial will premire on March 3, 2015 at 9:00 pm.

TV Show : Shikkan

TV Channel : Zindagi

Start Date : 3rd March, 2015

Days : Mon-Sat

Timings : 9:00 pm

Repeat Telecast : 6 am,9:30 am, 11 am, 3 pm, 5 pm,  

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