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Chidiya Ghar Wiki | Star Cast | Story | Plot | Timings | Repeat Telecast Timings

Chidiya Ghar is an Indian Comedy Serial on SAB TV Produced by Garima Productions. It was started on 28th November, 2011. Chidiya Ghar is the name of a house on the name of Mrs. Chidiya Kesari Narayan who is Late Wife of Retired Principal named Shri Kesari Narayan.

Story of Chidiya Ghar | Plot | SAB TV

Chidiya Ghar is not a Zoo but it is the story of Narayan Kesari and his two Sons named Ghotak and Gomukh, their wives named Koyal and Mayuri. The interesting part of the part of the show is that the name of Characters resembels any animal. Apart from their name, they also carry animal’s characteristics.

Star Cast of Chidiya Ghar | Popular Cast | Actors in Lead Role | SAB TV

  • Rajendra Gupta as Kesari Narayan
  • Paresh Ganatra as Ghotak Narayan
  • Sumit Arora as Gaumukh Narayan
  • Shubhangi Poorey as Koel Narayan
  • Debina Bonnerjee Choudhary as Mayuri Narayan
  • Mamta Gurnani as Chidiya Kesari Narayan (Maina)
  • Saraansh Verma as Kapi
  • Pratham Shetty as Gillu Grandchild
  • Arshiya Mankar as Gajgamini grandchild
  • Yogesh Soni as Totaram son in law
  • Bharati Achrekar as Sister billo
  • Jitu Shivhare as servant Gadha Prasad
  • Mandakini Srivastava as Nagin (Gadha’s wife)
  • Manish Vishwakarma as Mendak Prasad
  • Ketan Karande as Sandeshwar
  • Jayshankar Tripathi as Minister

The Sturdy and Tough Guy Ketan Karande has been roped in Chidiya Ghar. He is playing the character of Sandeshwar. Sandeshwar is Chidiya’s husband and Babuji’s brother in law. Sandeshwar will get hyper very soon and Babuji will try to explain that he should control his anger.

The Upcoming Episodes will be based on “Sari Khudai Ek Taraf, Joru Ka Bhai Ek Taraf“.

Jayshankar Tripathi is all set to join the cast of Chidiya Ghar. Jayshankar’s entry will be portrayed as an influential minister who used to be best friends with Jitu Shivhare aka Gadha Prasad during their childhood days. Gadha Prasad would be really excited that his friend is coming to visit him but he will be in for a shock when he realizes that his friend might not remember Gadha.

Full Shedule with Regular Timings and Repeat Telecast Timings of Chidiya Ghar | SAB TV

You can watch Chidiya Ghar at 9:00 pm from Monday to Friday. Chidiya Ghar has only one repeat Telecast at 3:20 am at night.

TV Serial : Chidiya Ghar
TV Channel : SAB TV
Genre : Comedy

Regular Timings : 9:00 pm
Days : Mon-Fri
Repeat Telecast Timings : 3:20 am

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