We all like to Watch Movies.  Specially Songs are liked by everyone whether you are young or old.  I also like to watch movies and songs.   You know I am very much interested to know what is the release date of any movie.  I am also keen interested to know the Star Cast and Specially Story of any movie which is going to be released in coming days.  And I think that like of me you will also be interested in knowing the upcoming movies with their star cast, story and release date.  Here at you will find all the information about the upcoming movies with their Lyrics.  Movies and Songs are a source of entertainment.  It is also a medium of time-pass.  Whether you are in home or in a train or you are enjoying a picnic, everyone likes to here songs.Now a days we can see that when youngsters are going to college they are with their earphone and are enjoying  listening songs.  Most of people like to hear fm just because they like to listen songs.

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We all like singing bollywood songs. Bollywood and its music and songs are flowing in our veins like blood. Sometimes we start singing a song and suddenly due to lack of its lyrics we find ourselves helpless and forced to hum that song… now come at and start singing in words and stop humming!!

Wanna prepare a song for your friend’s party… Here you can get the lyrics of all the latest songs. Here you can find head to toe info about the songs, its lyrics, playback singers, music composer.

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Not just songs but you can find every info about the movies also. we are always very much interested to know about the upcoming movies, their release dates, their star casts…you want to know about the stars, the directors, the producers and most importantly the story theme of the movie…everything you’ll easily find here.



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