Who is the KBC 9 First Crorepati Contestant in 2017? | Droutinelife| Brijesh Chaudhary| Viresh CVhaudhary| Viresh Chaudhary

Who is the KBC 9 First Crorepati Contestant in 2017? | Droutinelife

KBC 9 is a Game Show where many contestants play wand win Thousands and Lakhs of Rupees.  Big B Amitabh Bachchan is hosting the Game Show Kaun Banega Crorepati.  The Talented Player Viresh Chaudhary is the first contestant to win Rs. 1 Crore in KBC 9.  He face the the Rs. 1 Crore Rupees Question and Answer it right.

KBC 9 First Contestant to win Rs. 1 crore in Kaun Banega Crorepati

Biresh Chaudhary use the Double Dip Lifeline at 15th Question.  Then he was left with no life lines while facing the One Crore Question.  Brijesh played very well.

Watch contestant, Viresh Chaudhary reach the One Crore question with no life lines left to help him. Have a Look at the Video Sneak Peeks of Sony TV India which revealed the Thrilling and Breathtaking moment for Viresh Chaudhray. He will also use lifeline Double Dip at the 15th question worth rupees 1 Crore.

Heartiest Congratulations to Veeresh Choudhary!!!

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