Pardes mein hai meera dil | Cast | Will Naina dead or not

Will Naina be Save or dead in Pardes Mein Hai Meera Dil? Will She Survive or Not | Droutinelife

Droutinelife : Veer is planning against Naina and Raghav.  But Veer will be caught through Videotape.  Veer will apologize to Naina So that Truth will not come in front of Dadi.

An upset Naina will be in no mood to relent or forgive Veer and will ask him to stay away from her. Here, the story will take an interesting twist with Naina being shot with a bullet!

While Veer tries to convince Naina to forgive him, armed men in the disguise of ‘Santa Claus’ will fence around the area and break out an open firing. All the people will start running here and there. In the firing, the terrorist will aim his gun towards Sanjana and will fire. Raghav will rush to save her and in the bargain, Naina will end up getting hit by the bullet.

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