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Mahima Makwana has burnt her shoulder on the set of Adhuri Kahaani Hamari.  When she was shooting her show for a sequence, she burns her shoulder. She is playing the role of Radhika in Adhuri Kahaani Hamari

The crew was shooting for the cremation sequence of Madhav aka Laksh Lalwani, and Mahima who plays the role of Radhika in the show is supposed to stop the ritual. While enacting the sequence, due to a gust of the wind, the flame from the torch blew over Mahima thereby injuring her shoulder.Mahima Makwana News | Gossips | Pics | Images | Adhuri Kahaani Hamari

It seems that This Show Adhuri Kahani Hamari is a tragedy for her.  Some or the other tragic incident has always been a part of Mahima throughout her show.  Mahima has hurt herself, fainted, and even was in the news due to a controversy with her co-actor.

We contacted Mahima who told us, “It’s nothing major. I mean, comparing this to past incidents, I can say that it’s nothing in front of them. Actually, the flame from the torch just blew and burnt my shoulder. I applied Colgate on it immediately.”

We hope that the actress heals soon enough and doesn’t fall prey to any such incidents in the future.

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