Will Ishita die or save

Will Ishita and her Baby die in Bus Bomb Blast?

Droutinelife : Will Ishita die with her baby in Bus Bomb Blast???  All you must want to know that what will happen to Ishita and her baby?? Will Raman and Romi and ACP save Ishita in Yeh Hai mohabatein??  Will Ishita Come Back??  Bomb bus track is going on in YHM.  Ishita takes driver seat to save all ladies of Bhalla family with Kids.

Raman, Romi and ACP ABhishek trying to instruct ishita alongside bus with driving car. Ishita tries her best to maintain Bus speed which set with bomb which is hidden in the bus.

In upcoming episode of YHM, Ishita will save all ladies and kids from Bomb blast but she sacrifice herself in this blast. Raman and Romi tried to save Ishita and her baby but their efforts will go in vain.

Ishita will be shown dead in upcoming episode but how lead actress of the show will die.

ishita dead in bus bomb blast.  Actually Makers of the show will plan for leap after bus blast sequence and for that purpose Ishita will be shown dead but she will return with her baby after leap.
Ishita will die in bus bomb blast with her unborn baby. Let’s wait for upcoming leap of Yeh Hai Mohababtein in which all kids Ruhi, Aditya will be grown up.
And one more thing Ishita is driving the bus for real.

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