Gulmohar Grand wraps up shoot | Last episode

Gulmohar Grand wraps up shoot filming its last episode

Droutinelife : The experimental and challenging project Gulmohar Grand on Star Plus definitely was worth a watch.  The Sunshine Productions venture not only made a revolution on Indian TV with its different concept but also for the first time brought the hospitality sector so closely on our TV screens.

As per our sources, Star Plus is planning to continue its Weekly Shows in the weekend also.  So the Channel has taken the decision to pull off the weekend show Gulmohar Grand. The channel is working on a new format and strategy where the weekly shows will be continued on weekends and will be seen all 7 days in a week leading this weekend series to go off air.  Though the show failed to gain popularity among Indian television viewers, the show gained no.1 position online across all channel in weekend programming.

Gulmohar Grand wraps up shoot | Last episode
Gulmohar Grand

Gulmohar Grand wraps up its shoot on 3rd September, 2015.  It has shooted its last episode.  Gulmohar Grand will see a happy ending with Annie reconciling with her grandfather.

Featuring the talented Aakanksha Singh in a different avatar along with Gaurav Chopraa, the weekend slot project although could not garner numbers it was much appreciated by audience and industry alike.

The show although would run for a while on TV now.

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