Vibha kidnapped Vihaan in unconsciousness in Satrangi Sasural

Satrangi Sasural will now show some interesting drama and twist where the track will move to Vihaan getting kidnapped.

It is currently seen that Vihaan (Ravish Desai) has lost his memory and Aarushi (Mugdha Chaphekar) is trying her best to help him regain her memory back.

However, Vibha has entered their lives and she is creating havoc.

It will now be seen that Vibha will come up with another deadly plan.

Vibha will not be happy to see that Vihaan is slowly regaining his memory.

Vibha will then decide to kidnap Vihaan by giving him extra doses of medicine.

Vihaan will be taken away by Vibha from home while he is unconscious. Let’s wait and see how Aarushi rescues her husband from Vibha’s trap.

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