Veera last episode | How Veera will end | What will be in the end

Veera Last Episode

Beyond Dreams’ show Veera on Star Plus is finally ready to say good bye to the television screens on August 10, making a space for the upcoming show Mohi.

The team of the show has already shot for the last episode which is going to be full of emotions, revelations and drama but ultimately will end on a happy note.

How will the show end?

Finally Ranvi (Shivin Narang) will come across the fact that Dilawar is the one behind Ratan’s (Sneha Wagh) death and this will lead to a fight between Ranvi and Dilawar. In the fight, Ranvi will get seriously injured. Veera and Baldev will come to save Ranvi.  They will take him to the hospital immediately.
Later, Gunjan and Ranvi’s difference will get cleared and they will resume their normal marriage relation with love and trust. On the other hand, Veera will get pregnant and will deliver a baby boy. But its not the end.  Veera will gift her child to her Veerji on the occasion of Rakshabandhan.

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