Droutinelife : Yeh Hain Mohabbatien Future Episode – Anita Hassanandani who plays ‘Shagun’ in the famous serial ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ didn’t only turn positive in the recent story track but reports say She’s also going to make a comeback in the lives of ‘Ishita’ and ‘Raman’ in a very big manner..i.e. a surrogate mother to their baby. Isn’t that big!

Ishita's on FB
Ishita’s on FB

Yes, Divyanka Tripathi aka ‘Ishita’ herself shared this report on her FB profile which is quite a give away to this future happening in the show. ‘Shagun’ has been seen on and off the show and is currently playing an NGO head with a new name adapted ‘Ruhi Arora’. ‘Ruhi’ played by Ruhanika Dhawan is the real daughter of ‘Shagun’ but is now in custody of ‘Ishita’ and ‘Raman’.

The surrogacy angle is a controversial issue, the production house is being very careful and yet to finalise on this track.


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