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Sarla will be arrested, get jailed in Mere Angne Mein

Droutinelife : The fresh track in Mere Angne Mein will showcase how Amit is getting irritating with Rani’s presence and hence Sarla will decide to send her back to her paternal house. In a fit of rage, Rani will file a false police complain where she will accuse Sarla of demanding dowry!

Sarla (Ananya Khare) will be arrested by police and get jailed.

Shanti (Dadi or Nani) will be seen organising a puja of Satnarayan for which she will invite Sarla but when Sarla does not attend the ceremony, Shanti will inquire about the her.  As Shanti will find out that Sarla has been jailed! Shanti along with Raghav (Rangva) and Shivam (Karam Rajpal) will then visit the police station to meet Sarla.

Unable to stand watching her daughter behind bars, Shanti will faint.  Will Rani take back her complaint???? Keep Watching Mere Angne Mein to know more

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