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What is the relation between Sneha Mathur and Dev in Tere Sheher Mein?

Droutinelife : What is the relation between Sneha Mathur and Dev in Tere Sheher Mein?  – Recently Dev has entered in Tere Star Plus show Tere Sheher Main.  He hates the Mathur family so much.  On the other hand Sneha is hiding herself from Dev and also doesn’t want her daughters to meet him ever.

Now all you want to know that Why Sneha is hiding herself from Dev?  What is the truth which she is hiding from her daughters?

Sneha role played by Gautami Kapoor has a past with Dev.  She was in relation with Dev and due to which she got pregnant.  After that, Dev ditched her. Then, Rishi Mathur (Sachin Tyagi) got married to Sneha to protect her and her family’s image. He took her to Mumbai and got settled there to start a new life. Rachita (Anjum Fakih) is an illegitimate daughter of Dev and Sneha. Even Gajanand (S M Zaheer) don’t know any thing about this truth and so he believes that Rishi was a fraud and ran away with Sneha after he failed to get his property.

Soon the viewers will see that Rishi’s name will get cleared from all the humiliation he has faced in his life and post death. Dev and Rudra will join hands to ruin Mathur’s life.

How Rachita will behave after revealing the truth about her birth????????

Will she be able to bear this bitter truth???????????????

How will Sneha confront her daughters and family???????????????????

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