Rajkumar of Roadies X1 | Yepme.com ad got banned why

Rajkumar’s Yepme ad got banned

Droutinelife : Yepme.com ad got banned – Well, Rajkumar shot to fame with his stint in MTV’s Roadies X1 has been in controversies. He was the one of the contestants of the reality show Roadies X1 to have the maximum number of fights with his fellow contestants.
Recently he has bagged the opportunity of being the face of Yash raj Productions‘ first-ever commercial ad.

But his ad was banned just fater four days of going on air.

The problem was with the lines where Rajkumar have said – “Humari country main bhikari bhi fashionable hote hai“. Thus causing to its ban.

Raj is appearing in the ad with Riya Chakraborthy of Mere Dad Ki Maruti fame in the Yepme.com ad. Raj has played the character of a designer in the ad.

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