Haatim Tai Premieres on MAX2 Sunday 12th July, 2015

Droutinelife : The adventure Movie “Haatim Tai” will be Premiered on MAX2 on coming Sundya 12th July, 2015 at 7 pm.  The movie which chronicles the 7 quests of Haatim Tai, a legendary chief who sets out to break the curse of a young girl will leave viewers spellbound and wanting more.

Cast and crew of Haatim Tai

The movie Haatim Tai is Directed by Babubhai Mistri.  The film features Jeetendra, Sangeeta Bijlani, Satish Shah and Amrish Puri in pivotal roles.

Haatim Tai premire on Max2
Haatim Tai

Story of Haatim Tai

The movie tells the tale of Haatim Tai (Jeetendra), a generous legendary chief of a small district who sets out on a mission to solve seven mysteries, all so that an unhappy girl can marry her true love. Aiding him on his quest is his faithful servant Nazrul (Satish Shah) … but will they succeed in breaking a vengeful fairy’s curse?

Enjoy this weekend with the MAX2 premiere of ‘Haatim Tai’ this Sunday, 12 July at 7pm.

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