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Will Mukesh Khanna Play Shaktiman Again? | Droutinelife

Mukesh Khanna to play Shaktiman again? |Droutinelife

Have you enjoyed watching our very own super hero Shaktiman, then its a good news for you!  If Mukesh Khanna’s plan goes to according to his wishes, you will see him don the avatar of that superhero once again!

The talented actor, who has been announced as the Chairperson of the Children Film Society, India said, “Yes we are in talks with some producers and most definitely we will try to get Shaktiman back for our fans. It would be after 16 years that I will get to play the character but I think it has been the best platform to share good messages. This time it would be definitely in a bigger scale for sure.”

Shaktiman | Shaktiman Season 2 |Shaktiman 2 | Mukesh Khanna

Talking about his new responsibility, he said, “I have been getting messages from so many people that the post has finally been bestowed on the right person. I think in our country there is hardly any films made for children. People complain that they don’t get enough theatres, but I feel if one makes films that are commercially viable and also educative, they can do wonders for the society.”

Khanna feels that TV shows need to improve and focus more on children, said, “I think today kids are much more mature than any of us were. They have lost their innocence and act much beyond their age. So it’s time we tap their smartness and produce shows that can induce goodness in them.”

Won’t it be really exciting to have Shaktiman back?  Woah! Aren’t you excited???
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