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Garima Goel Biography | Wiki | Personal Profile | Droutinelife

Garima Goel Biography, Wiki | Droutinelife

Garima Goel is a good looking Television Actress.  Garima Goel has got fame from Star Plus’ Pyaar Ka Dard Hai.. Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara’.  She has done few episodics forPyaar Tune Kya Kiya.  She was recently seen in , Akbar Birbal on Big Magic.  She was also seen in Savdhan India recently.

Garima Goel as Secretary in Gulmohar Grand

Garima will play the hot and happening secretary to the owner of the hotel (Gulmohar Grand), Mr. Jaitley, portrayed by veteran actor Madan Joshi.  She will be having the attitude of owning the hotel and will boss over even if she is just a employee. She will have a powerful role to play.  She is playing the role of a prominent character  who is responsible for many a twist and turns in the story.

Garima Goel | Gulmohar Grand Secretary | Gulmohar Grand Cast
Garima Goel

Garima Goel in Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya

Garima has been roped in Pyar Tune Kya Kiya Season 3 on Zing TV Channel.  The particular episode was telecast on 28th November, 2014 on Zing.  The story was about a couple played by Kanan (Siddharth) and Garima (Soniya) who will live in a big mansion but share a very bad relationship. Soniya, a rich girl, will treat her husband like a slave. Neha will play a maid (Maiyra) who would take care of the house and fall in love with Siddharth. This is when Soniya will find it out and try to break their relationship.


Garima Goel in Savdhan India

Garima was seen in Savdhan India stories for the Valentine’s Week.  In the story titled ‘I always loved you’ revolve around the happy couple, played by Rushad and Garima. All will look hunky dory from outside for them, and people will assume that they live a happy life together. However, the truth will be that the lady will be desperate to seek love and time from another man. The duo will also attempt to murder the husband, only for the tale to take an interesting and gripping turn.

Garima Goel as Princess Jaafrani in Akbar Birbal

Garima has played the character of princess Jaafrani in Maha Episode of Akbar Birbal.  She was having the motive of taking away Akbar’s luxurious valuables and properties. Hence she and Nigaar’s character will dress up like paupers to take help from Akbar.


Garima Goel as Payal in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai.. Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara – Garima has played a memorable role in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai.. Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara Serial on Star Plus.


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