Doctor Who | British Sci Fi Series

‘Doctor Who’ | British Sci Fi Series to air on May 15 | Droutinelife

Doctor Who’ British Sci Fi Series to air on May 15 on Indian Television | Droutinelife

The complete eight (8) seasons of “Doctor Who” will air on FX, a channel owned by Star India Private Limited. 9th series is currently in making.  The Deal has been made between Star India and BBC Worldwide India which will marks the largest volume sale of “Doctor Who” in the country.

It will be for the first time when “Whovians” in India will participate in “Doctor Who”.

An interesting piece of tidbit is that 51 years ago, the very first episode of “Doctor Who” was directed by Waris Hussein, born in Lucknow.

Doctor Who | British Sci Fi Series
Doctor Who

Doctor Who is the longest running sci-fi TV series in the world.  The show is a significant part of British culture. It depicts the adventures of the Doctor, a Time Lord, who travels the universe in his TARDIS, a time-travelling spaceship in the shape of an old British police box.

Along with a succession of companions, the Doctor combats a variety of foes while working to save civilizations and help people in need.

Now a days, viewers have a huge interest in British Sci-Fi series.  It is good that the channel FX is airing in its original form not remaking.

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