Poonam Pandey Latest Jokes

Poonam Pandey Latest Jokes

Kejriwal and Poonam Pandey

Poonam Pandey and Sunny Leone

Cricketer and Poonam Pandey

@@@@@@     That Awkward Moment When #ThisWorldCupPoonamPandeyWill Do Commentary With Siddhu Paaji And Siddhu Paaji Says “THOKO”. 😉 #WC2015

@@@@@@     Kejriwal wants to expose politicians/businessmen
Shazia wants to expose Kejriwal

But POOnam Pandey, who wants to expose herself only.

@@@@@@      Dear All,

This is to say that dancing car scene in the movie ‘PK’ was done by me not by Sunny Leone as it’s rumoured here.

Poonam Pandey.

@@@@@@        Q: Who’s Poonam Pandey’s favorite player in Indian team ?
A: Bo*bneshwar Kumar. 😉


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