How to stop Hair Fall | Home Made Remedy for Hair Growth

Home made Remedy to Stop Hair Fall | Onion Juice for Hair Growth

Home made Remedy to Stop Hair Fall | Onion Juice for Hair Growth | How Onion Helps in Hair Problems

Do you have a problem of hair fall. Many of us have the problem of hair falling. If the hair fall is up to 100 hairs then it is normal, but if it is more than 100 then it means that there is some problem. It may be due to mental stress.

Now what to do if there is hair fall more than 100, then probably you don’t want to go to any doctor, if it is starting just now. There are many home remedies. As I have searched, Onion Remedy is best. It is safe and natural method. It prevents hair fall and helps to grow hair. Moreover, there is no side effect and any type of allergy of onion remedy. Onions are cheap and easily available. No chemicals are used to grow hair.

Apply Onion Juice on scalp will control hair loss. It is also helpful in dandruff, yeast infections and fungal infections. Onion Juice is also helpful to prevent premature graying of hair.

How To Make Onion Juice For Hair Growth?

It is very easy and simple to make the onion juice for hair growth. You can use a food processor or blender, grater or a juicer to extract the juice. Peel the required number of onions according to the length of your hair and cut them into pieces. You can put them in blender or juicer and run it to get the required amount of juice. To extract the juice using grater, cut the onion into halves and grate each half, squeeze out the juices from grated onion using your hand.

Methods Of Using Onion for Hair Growth

1. Onion Juice-Honey Mixture

You can use this remedy in two different ways. You can mix ΒΌ cup of onion juice with one honey tablespoon of honey and you can consume it orally every day or you can apply the mix on the scalp and massage it for 15 minutes daily to see the difference.

2. Concoction Of Onion Juice And Rum

If you find the smell of onions unbearable you can use this method to prevent the loss of hair and to improve the growth of hair. Finely chop one medium sized onion and soak this in a glass of rum overnight. Next day, strain the mixture to remove the onion pieces. Use the concoction to massage the scalp or use it as a hair rinse after washing the hair.

3. Add Onion In Your Recipes

You can include onions in regular recipes and in salads to get the benefits of using onion. This will not act as fast as applying the juice to the hair.

4. Onion Juice Hair Rinse

This is another method of using onions for hair growth without getting tears and irritation to eyes. Add 4-5 chopped onion to one liter of water and boil it for about 10 minutes. Allow the mixture to cool and strain the mixture. Use the onion boiled water to rinse your hair after shampooing. If you are not bothered with the smell you need not wash the hair with water that day. You can clean your hair using water and mild shampoo next day.

To boost your hair growth, you can also massage your hair and scalp with a mixture of olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil once in a week. You can achieve better results, if you leave the oil overnight on your hair. Always eat a healthy diet to prevent hair loss and to promote the re-growth of the hair.

Try Onion Juice for regularly at least for six months. Firstly you will see a good sheen. Then your hair will become strong and thicker. I am sure, you will see the result. Give your experience in comment box.

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