Five New Shows for Kids from Netflix

Five New Animated full of Action and Comedy TV Series is coming for kids. The New Shows are

  • Danger Mouse
  • Inspector Gadget
  • Some Assembly Required
  • Bottersnikes & Gumbles
  • Super 4

Danger Mouse —  is the new Animated TV Series featuring Classical Characters, Catchphrases and Comedy of 80’s. It will feature British Actor and Comedian Stephen Fry. The Show will be premired in Japan, North America, Latin America, Benelux and Nordics by Colonel K. Netflix. It is expected to come in Year 2016.

Inspector Gadget – Inspector Gadget is a New CGI Animated Series Produced by DHX Media. The series will have 26 Episodes. It will be launched in March. It will be premired in US on Netflix. Later, launching in Latin America, UK, France, Ireland, Benelux and Nordics.

Some Assembly Required – Dan Signer and Howard Nemetz have created the live Action Series titled Some Assembly Required. It is Produced by Thunderbird Films starring Kolton Stewart and Charlie Storwick. It will be premired in all Netflix territories except Canada, however it is the no 1 show on YTV. The series is specially designed for teens.

Bottersnikes & Gumbles – It will have comedy with adventure. There will be three young Gumbles named, Tink, Bounce and Willi. Cheeky Little, Mighty Nice and CAKE have created the upcoming CGI-Animated Series with Netflic, BBC and Channel 7 Australia. The First 13 Episodes will make a debut exclusively on Netflix around the world in 2016. It will be launched in UK and Australia later.

Super 4 – Super 4 is a brand new CGI animated series will be premired in coming April on Netflix. The series is inspired by PlayMobil. Super 4 has four main characters – Alex the Knight, Ruby the Pirate, Agent Gene, and Twinkle the Fairy. They will explore the distinct islands of their planet and will be seen fighting with bad guys.

In 2011, Netflix launched a dedicated section for kids under 12 years old featuring TV shows and movies from great partners like PBS, Disney Channel, DreamWorks, Cartoon Network, Mattel, Hasbro, Lego and Scholastic, all in a commercial free environment. In 2012, Netflix and the Walt Disney Company signed an industry-first agreement making Netflix the Pay TV home of all live action and animated feature films released by Disney theatrically beginning in 2016. Additionally, all DreamWorks feature films are now available on Netflix in the Pay TV window. DreamWorks is also creating 300 hours of original kids shows exclusively for Netflix, including Turbo F.A.S.T., All Hail King Julien, Puss In Boots, Dragons and DinoTrux.

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