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Lost Recipes TV Show on Epic Channel | Wiki | Chef Aditya Bal to Host | Timings

Lost Recipes is an Upcoming TV Show for Food Discovery soon to be air on EPIC Channel. As the title of the show is, it will be a discovery for the dishes which have been lost in the past. It will be hunting for the story behind any dish. The Dishes will be cook as they were cooked in past with the same process in the same conditions. It seems to be a new experience for the viewers.

Plot of Lost Recipes | EPIC Channel

The Upcoming Show will try to bring back the Origional taste of any dish.

Chef Aditya Bal to Host the TV Show Lost Recipes | EPIC TV

Chef Aditya Bal will be seen taking the viewers with him to the places such as Lukhnow, Gova , Mumbai and Udvada (13 Historical Regions). Aditya was also seen in Chakh Le India.

Timings of Lost Recipes

Lost Recipes TV Show will start from 4th Feburary, 2015 on Epic Channel. The air on timings and days are on Wednesday at 10:00 pm.

TV Show : Lost Recipes

TV Channel : EPIC

Start Date : 4th Feb, 2015

Day : Wednesday

Timings : 10:00 pm

Promo Video of Lost Recipes

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  1. Hi Chef Aaditya,
    I like ur program lost recipes program. Plz upload these recipes on net or full video on you tube. Further we can learn about some indian traditional
    Recipes. And with the help of ur support i can try those recipes in home. Plz i request u upload full program on net or youtube.

    Thanks for doing this types of program. Hope you will continue with some new lost recipes of India.


  2. hi chef,
    i like your lost recipes programme and my cookery project is based on that. so could u please upload those recipes on net or telecast it . plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  3. Hi Aditya,

    Kindly upload the recipes in net or send them to me in mail. This program is the best I have ever seen. Thanks to Reliance group all to launch a chanell like ‘Epic’ and this ‘Lost Recipes’ programme and thanks to you.

  4. Hi Aditya

    Please upload all the recipes you have shown in your program. I would like to try them my home. Please……………

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