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Naina Real Name in Piya Albela| Gulki Joshi Biography | Age | Weight| Height

Droutinelife : Naina is playing the role of Pooja’s half-sister Naina.  Pooja’s father, Bhusan had an affair and Naina was born out of wedlock. Pooja (Sheen Dass) will be unaware about this devastating truth.

Naina Real Name in Piyaa Albela

Naina’s real name is Gulki Joshi.  In Piya Albela, her role is negative.  She wants to take revenge from Pooja.

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In coming episodes, Naina will make her entry in the Vyas family to seek revenge from Pooja. She will introduce herself as Pooja’s cousin sister and will fake a great bond with her.

Parallel to this, Pooja, who has suffered from a major accident, will go numb. She will not be able to react or talk to anyone. Hence, everyone in the family will decide to send Pooja to the mental asylum to get operated. However, when Pooja will hear the decision, she will hide inside a well.
Naina, as expected to do something evil, will try to take advantage of the moment and will play her first move to kill Pooja. She will open a tap of water so that she drowns.

A worried Pooja will scream for help and entering as the knight in shining armour, Naren (Akshay Mhatre) will reach in nick of time and save Pooja.
Will Naina succeed in her plan?


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