‘Divyam Dama’ Biography, Wiki, Age, Dob, Height, Weight, Serial| Droutinelife

'Divyam Dama' Biography, Wiki, Age, Dob, Height, Weight, Serial| Droutinelife

Droutinelife : Divyam Dama Wiki
Divyam Dama is a cute little actor appears in televison. He is popularly known as Ansh in Punar Vivah aired on Zee TV. Divyam is a naughty and mischievous boy but lovable at heart and studious child. Divyam Dama is currently playing Anshuman’s son Ayan in Tumhari paakhi.

Divyam Dama Biography

Divyam Dama is an Cute and Lovable child. His performance in the popular show Punar Vivah is well appreciated by the viewers. According to divyam “Acting is fun”. He likes studies and want to be an IAS officer. He also love to read the story book.

Divyam Dama Bio Details and Personal Profile

Birth Name : Divyam Dama

Dob : Year 2008
Age : 9 Years Approx.

Height: 4’9″

Weight : 37 Kgs
Debut Show: Punar Vivah

Divyam Dama as Ansh in Punar Vivah

Punar Vivah was an Indian soap opera that aired on Zee TV based on two individuals, Aarti and Yash. Aarti was a divorcee with a son, Ansh. Yash is a widower with two daughters, Payal and Palak. It has been four years since Aarti’s husband left her. Yash’s wife, Arpita, died three years ago. Divyam Dama has played the role of Ansh Prashant Dubey, Aarti’s Son. It was only for him that Aarti accepted for re-marriage as he wanted a father.

Divyam Dama Favourites
Favourite toy: Elephant toy
Favourite colour: Red,Black and Purple
Favourite Story Book: Bob the Builder
Favourite Subject: Maths

Divyam Dama as Ayan in Tumhari paakhi

Divyam who is famous for his role as Ansh in Punar Vivah season is seen as Anshuman’s son Ayan in life ok’s show Tumhari paakhi. Ayan is the son from Anshuman’s first wife. His entry has created more problems for Paakhi as he is trying to push her away from his family.

Paakhi’s (Shraddha Arya) struggle to win little Ayaan’s love and confidence in Shashi-Sumeet Mittal’s Tumhari Paakhi on Life OK has been on for some time now. Ayaan has tried every prank on Paakhi, but she has taken everything with a pinch of salt. And her unfettering effort to bridge the gap speaks volumes about her patience level.

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