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Sajan Re Phir Jhooth Mat Bolo’ Story, Plot, Summary SRJMB Serial

The story of SRJMB revolves around Jaiveer Chopra played by Hussain Kuwajerwala and his family, who are one of the wealthiest in South Mumbai. The Chopra clan is headed by a single father Paramveer played by Tiku Talsania, who lives with his son Jaiveer and daughter Jenice, played by Urmila Tiwari.

History sometimes repeats itself, in this case, just like his father, Jaiveer falls in love with a simpleton woman, Jaya, played by Parvati Vaze, who belongs to a middle-class family. He does not reveal his wealth, status and family heritage and starts getting to know Jaya and make her fall in love with him as simply as possible. For this, he lies to her about being poor and that he works hard by doing odd jobs each day to make ends meet. As luck would have it, Jaya is impressed by his personality and determination but Jaiveer’s grand plan takes a hit when Jaya tells him how she and her family detest the rich.

His one innocuous lie buries him under a mountain of subsequent lies as he cannot risk telling the truth to Jaya for the fear of losing his love. In order to marry Jaya, Jaiveer devises a plan to create a fake poor family out of The Chopras.

This situation is exactly reverse, if one compares this to the story of the first season where the male protagonist brings up a fake rich family to keep up the lie to a rich father-in-law.


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