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‘Total Dreamer’ Brazilian Drama on Zindagi Tv wiki
Total Dreamer is a Brazilian Tv Series which was aired on Globo TV in Brazil.  Zindagi tv is all set to launch Brazilian drama Total Dreamer on Zindagi Channel.  The promo have been released on 24th March 2017 on Youtube and Zindagi tv channel.  It is the first time when any Brazilian serial will be shown on Zindagi TV.

Brazilian Drama Total Dreamer Story/ Plot /Summary/ Synopsis

Total Dreamer is the modern fairy-tale of a young girl named Elisa and her journey from being a simple flower girl to becoming a successful model. Eliza (Role played by Marina Ruy Barbosa) is a 18 years old young and beautiful girl who lives a simple life. Her ultimate dream is to provide a better life for her family. She lives with her mother, siblings and her step-father. She does not about her real father.  Her mother always said that he was a truck driver. Her mother Gilda is married to Dino.  Eliza has two siblings.

With the help of her mother, Gilda, Eliza escapes from home after being harassed by her step-father, to try her luck in the big city.  She arrives at Rio de Janeiro, she tries to pick up some money, but she is robbed.  Eliza starts living in the streets, and meets Jonatas, who sells bleats in the traffic lights of the Lapa to help his family, who lives in the West zone of the Carioca Capital.

She is also being threatened by Jacaré, an outlaw who is very feared and dangerous. She tries to gain money and starts to sell flowers in bars and restaurants.

Her life takes a dramatic change when she meets Arthur (Fabio Assunção), the owner of Excalibur – a modelling agency, who promises to make her a successful model.

As destiny offers Eliza the world on a silver platter, will she honour her simple dreams or will she get carried away with the glitz and glam of the fashion world? Catch the first Brazilian Drama – Total Dreamer, premiering April 10 in Hindi, only on Zindagi.

He promises her that he will help make Eliza a successful model. However she does not accept his proposal. She is in turn employed in a company, where she will suffer persecutions from Carolina, a ruthless editor relaunching a style magazine who is extremely ambitious and in loving with Arthur.

He is a divorcee and has daughter Jojô. He falls madly in love with Eliza which makes Carolina furious. On the other hand, there is Cassandra, who has a relationship without commitment with Arthur but had turned to be another accomplice for Carolina who is equally in a mission to sabotage Elisa and Arthur’s relationship.

‘Total Dreamer’ Brazilian Dram Cast

Juliana Paes as Carolina (Lead Actress)
Fabio Assuncao as Arthur (Lead Actor)
Marina Ruy Barbosa as Eliza
Felipe Simas as Jonatas
Vivianne Pasmanter as Liliane de
Humberto Martins as Germano
Malu Galli as Rosangela
Juliana Paiva as Sandra Regina
Leona Cavalli as Gilda de
Paulo Rocha as Erondino

Total Dreamer Brazilian Tv Serial Telecast Timings Detalis

TV Serial : Total Dreamer
TV Channel :Zindagi Tv
Production House : Zindagi tv productions
Start/Launch Date : 10 April 2017
Days : Mon-Sat
Episode :- 130
Timings : ——
Repeat Telecast :—–
Replacing Serial :——-

Total Dreamer is loosely based on George Bernard Shaw’s popular play, Pygmalion. The show stars the gorgeous Marina Ruy Barbosa in the lead along with a stellar cast ensemble featuring Juliana Paes, Felipe Simas, Fabio Assunção amongst others. With over 30 million viewers in Brazil and Portugal, Total Dreamer was a massive hit with the audience and a truly differentiated television show.  The show has been shot partially in Australia and Uruguay and it features breath-taking visuals of the regions.

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