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Droutinelife : ‘Resham Jhanpi’ is an upcoming serial on Colors Bangla starting from 13th Feburary, 2017 at 8:30 pm.  Resham Jhanpi will be telecast from Monday to Saturday.  The upcoming Colors Bangla Serial Resham Jhanpi is adapted from Colors Udaan Serial produced by Mahesh Bhatt.See Also : Apur Sangsar Full Details

Resham Jhanpi Colors Bangla Serial Story / Plot

Resham Jhanpi Serial is the story of Titli, a free-spirited kid.  Titli is kept as collateral when she was still in her mother’s womb.  MP Dayal Chand Thakur is a wealthy landlord who deals with bonded labourers.  Bhubon has no money nor a cow to donate to Pandit for his father’s funeral who dies in an accident.He beg for money from MP Dayal Chand Thakur.  His wife Thakurun Rajeshwari suggests that thy keep the unborn child as a collateral.  The couple agrees that the child can be bonded labourer.  Padma gives birth to a daughter, Titli.  Thakurun Rajeshwari allows them to take her home for seven years.  Then she must be brought back.  See Also : Stree Zee Bangla

After seven years Titli enters the haveli. She is a fearless, kind-hearted, and an intelligent girl. In the haveli, she meets and makes friends.  She tries to escape from there but she is brought back.  She dreams of freedom.  The show highlights the strength and vigour women possess to change their fate.  Reshamnganj, Resham Jhanpi narrates an honest rendition of life and society. Bringing to light the innocence of a young but sharp-minded child, Titli whose unhindered zest for life strengthens when faced with challenges at the hands of the owner, MP Dayal Chand Thakur, a political representative ironically entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding the interest of the downtrodden.

‘Resham Jhanpi’ Serial on Colors Bangla TV Star Cast

Character Name Role Played by Character Real Name
Titli Smriti Singh
Padma ( Titli’s Mother) Anushua Mukherjee
Bhubon (Titli’s Father) Rajesh Chatterjee
Bulbuli (Titli’s Sister) Anushka
MP Dayal Chand Thakur Sandip Dey
Maa Thakurun Rajeshwari June Maliah
Boro Maa (MP Dayal Chand’s Mother) Runa Banerjee

Boro Maa (Runa Banerjee) is Thakur’s mother and a strict follower of Gandhian principles.  Her son MP Dayal Chand Thakur is totally opposite to her.  Titli finds solace in Boro Maa in Haveli.

Resham Jhanpi Telecast Timing

TV Serial ‘Resham Jhanpi’
TV Channel Colors Bangla
Genre Social Message
Starting/Launch  Date 13th Feburary, 2017
Days Monday – Saturday
Show Timing 8:30 pm
Repeat Telecast Timings
Language Bengali
Producer Shibaji Panja

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