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Shivaay Tia Marriage in Ishqbaaz

In Ishqbaaz on Star Plus, Tia’s baby is Robin.  Anika’s memory loss was fake drama.  It was all planned by Anika nad Rudra.  Anika will bring Dushyant during the wedding of Shivaay and Tia.  Dushyant will tell the truth of Mrs. Kapoor who has planned all this for the marriage of Tia and Shivaay. Robin will inform Tia that he had only fainted in the swimming pool but Mrs. Kapoor drugged Tia to belive that Robin is dead. Mrs. Kapoor had kept Robin and mislead Tia.

Tia will break down on seeing this.  After this she will accept that she loves Robin, is married to Robin and that the baby is of Robin. Mrs. Kapoor will remind Shivaay that he has already married Tia but Shivaay will reveal that the wedding was fake and Rudra was the pandit. Shivaay will also show the chip to Mrs. Kapoor, on which she had been blackmailing Shivaay.  New Serial Startin on Star Plus in March

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Tia will then reveal the entire truth to Oberoi family. Tia will reveal that Mr. Kapoor used to work as Manager with Tej and he died in car accident. However, Mrs. Kapoor held it against Oberoi family and made up the drama of belonging to the rich business family. Tia will also reveal that this was the whole plan of Mrs. Kapoor and will ask her mother to stop the revenge drama against Oberoi family. Tia will emotionally apologize to all the family members, especially, Shivaay, Anika, and Pinky. Tia will tell Shivaay that Universe indeed wants Shivaay and Anika to be together forever. Shivaay will forgive Tia and will ask her to stay happily with Robin. Shivaay will warn Mrs. Kapoor against harming Tia and Robin. Shivaay will also promise Robin to get the best treatment for Romi.

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