Bigg Boss 10 Final 16 Contestants List 8 Commoners and 8 Celebrities | Droutinelife

Bigg Boss has been giving an insight to the life of celebrities since 2006. For the first time, the controversial reality show has decided to open its doors to the common people to appear as contestants along with the stars.

So as per the latest reports, the tenth season of Bigg Boss will go on air by mid of October and will be a mix of Commoners and Celebrities, wherein auditions are already completed and 58 commoners have been shortlisted.

Now comes in another update from the upcoming season of the controversial show. This year, 16 contestants will be selected. Out of which, 8 will be celebrities and 8 will be the commoners, who will be selected on the basis of their performance in their audition videos.

This season is indeed going to be extremely interesting and so the Dabbang Star, Salman Khan has earlier mentioned this to be the most troublesome season with this combination of Celebrities and the Commoners.

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