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One of the most inspiring tales to come out of the small screen is the story of Dhara from Tamanna, who fights all odd to fulfill her goals. In a day and age where women are making their mark in every field, it’s important to have a show that tells women to take their dreams seriously…we take a look at the five life lessons to learn from Star Plus’ popular daily. Read on:
Passion is everything: 
An important lesson from the daily is that one’s passion is everything. Whether you turn into a profession or not, it’s important to not give up on it. Just like the lead who takes her love for cricket to another level. She doesn’t let her gender, the society or her marital status shatter her precious dream.
Being passionate is one thing, but being determined to get what you want is something totally different. Even though the society deters her from chasing her dreams, Dhaara doesn’t let go of them. She pursues them with dedication and determination.
Having a say: 
Since she was stuck in a love-less marriage that not just crippled her choices, but also suffocated her, the girl had the guts to walk out of it. She didn’t stay tied to it thinking of the society, her family and other things. She had a say in her life and that’s what that matters.
Loving and caring: 
She’s her father’s pet who can go to any extent for him. It’s because of her father that she said yes to an arranged marriage…her love and care for her family is deep and genuine.
Dhaara doesn’t go scrambling to her folks after a failed marriage, but fights her own battles. Even though she is struggling in life, thanks to her husband, she’s self-sufficient to give it back to him. In a way, the self-made woman inspires us. We salute her bravery. You?
What lessons does Tamanna give you?

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