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The show ‘Kalash‘ is all set for a nine months leap which will set the story in a new direction.  After a leap new cast in Kalash serial will be intorduced as Seema Mishra and Solly Sohi.
Spicing up the drama, Devika (Aparna Dixit) will fall victim to Nivi’s (Seema Mishra) plan of killing her where she will be thrown off the cliff.  However, fate has other plans as Devika who always has the power of God to back her will not die and will be found unconscious on the bedside of a river. She will be spotted by Kadamvari (Dolly Sohi) who incidentally would be performing the final rites of her daughter.Dolly Sohi | Kalash Ek Vishwas

And you may have guessed the next one, after sheltering her and knowing the whole story from Devika, she will decide to help her take revenge from her enemies.

The spice up to the news is that Dolly played the lead role in Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Kalash‘ which aired on Star Plus back in early 2000s. And now, she is back with Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Kalash‘ in a pivotal role, almost thirteen years later.

Isn’t it interesting?

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