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Droutinelife : “Fatmagul” is basically a Turkish Serial which is soon going to launch on Zindagi TV Channel.  After the stupendous success of the recently concluded Feriha, Zindagi will soon premiere yet another heart-warming Turkish drama, ‘Fatmagul’ on Indian television.  Since its launch in 2014, Zindagi, the premium Hindi entertainment channel has wowed Indian audiences with superlative content from countries with a cultural affinity with India. Within a short span of two years the channel has emerged as the No. 1 channel among the premium entertainment segment. Zindagi reigns supreme, given its thought – provoking, unconventional yet engaging content from across the border and from within India.

“Fatmagul” Story | Zindagi TV Wiki

Well, coming to the story of Fatmagul. It is based on a novel by Vedat Trkali.  

The plot revolves around a girl name Fatmagul, who lives in a village in Turkey with her brother and sister in law. Fatmagul was engaged with a local fishermen and was hoping to marry him soon.
On the night of engagement of a richest business man’s son Fatmagul was working as helper to earn some money which she wanted to use later on for her wedding. Later that night she had to also see off her fiance who was going to the sea for fishing.

She decided to complete her work and get early leave so she could see off her fiance on the seashore. After the engagement ceremony the son of business man along his cousin and friends got drunk and took drugs to enjoy .

They decided to go to the seashore where unfortunately Fatmagul was also heading to see off her fiance. Just when Fatmagul reached there she didn’t see her fiance as he left already. She did saw four boys who were completely drunk, feeling scared she started running but was captured by the drunkards.

She was ganged raped by 3 men and one of the four man whose name was “Kerim” did not rape her. But he also didn’t realize that what was happening infront of him was rape as he was drugged by his friend.

Kerim was not from a very rich background he was a local blacksmith and childhood friend of the riches who ganged rape Fatmagul.

The serial get really twisted when Kerim marry Fatmagul to protect her. Fatmagul didn’t go to the police as her sister in law took money from the rapist to stay quiet.

She was suppressed to accept everything and forget her childhood love her fiance. Her fiance also left her after hearing that she was gang raped and held her responsible for everything. Fatmagul lost all hopes to get justice and eventually had to marry the man who saw her being raped by 3 men.

She started her life again after suffering from a severe trauma. She moved to Istanbul and started working as a waitress and started studying privately. She came back to life by the support of a women Maryam who found her in the woods when she was raped.

She was actually the sister of Kerim. After wedding Fatmagul couldn’t accept Kerim and hated him from core. Maryam helped her recover and come back to life. With her support and love Fatmagul stood up on her feet again.

“Fatmagul” Cast | Zindagi TV Wiki

It has well known Turkish actors like Beren Saat, Engin Akyrek, and Frat elik in the lead Cast.Fatmagul cast | Zindagi TV |Wiki | Story | Summary | Timings | Repeat Telecast Timings

  • Beren Saat as Fatmagul
  • Engin Akyurek as Kerim
  • Firat as Mustafa
  • Esra as Mukaddes
  • Bugra Gulsoy as Vural
  • Kaan Tasaner as Erdogan
  • Engine Ozturk as Selim
  • Sevtap Ozaltun as Asude/Hacer
  • Seda Guven
  • Musa Uzunlar

Fatmagul cast | Zindagi TV |Wiki | Story | Summary | Timings | Repeat Telecast Timings

Timing Schedule of Fatmagul Zindagi TV Serial

TV Serial Name :”Fatmagul”
TV Channel Name : Zindagi TV
Star Cast : Beren Saat, Engin Akyrek, Frat Elik
Regular Timings : ———-
Repeat Telecast Timings : ———-
So all you guys, get ready to meet Zindagi’s latest show Fatmagul!


  1. I love this zindagi …thnk u so much zee..keep going. Awesome Pakistani & Turkish stories… very excited to see more Turkish stories.especially second season of fatmagul.

  2. I am not a serial watcher, but by chance I watched one episode of Fatmagul, since then I became the regular watcher of this best serial. Thanks Zindagi for broadcasting these series, and yes other series also good like Gauhar-e-Nayab……..

  3. My favourite channel is Zindagi. I only watch this channel as this shows the best serials . Please keep showing such good serials. Thanks a lot to Zee TV for launching such a wonderful channel.

  4. This is the best show of turkey. Superhit in 127 countries. Being shown 3rd time in many countries these days.Engin Akyurek will melt hearts as kerim for sure.

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