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“Virat Kohli & Steve Smith T20 Match Controversy” A Creation by Saregama

Virat Kohli & Steve Smith T20 Match Controversy

Aussie cricket player Steve Smith was on strike against India and in an conversation with Channel 9 at the same time. You heard that right! Steve was in a live chat during the first of a three-match T20 International series at the Adelaide Oval. Shortly after answering questions from Channel 9 commentators, Smith chipped Ravindra Jadeja to Virat Kohli at mid-off. Kohli gave Australia’s Test and ODI skipper a verbal send-off while making a “chatterbox” gesture. While the gesture has caused quite a controversy all over the world.. we love our aggressive Indian Cricketer’s style of telling the world.. Be careful.. Nazar hati.. durghatna ghati!

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Virat Kohli & Steve Smith T20 Match Controversy

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