Pratyush Banerjee in khnaachar paakhi

Pratyush Banerjee in Debashish’s upcoming Drama ‘khnaachar paakhi’ | Droutinelife

The tall and good looking actor Pratyush Banerjee, who is currently playing the role of Lord Surya in Colors Bangla’s Ma Durga, has bagged a prominent role in Debashish Chakraborty’s upcoming drama ‘khnaachar paakhi’.

When asked how this offer came along his way, he shared, “Actually, when Debashishda approached me with this offer I couldn’t say no to him. He is the director of Dhrupod (theater group) and is enacting the role of Nandi in the serial Ma Durga.”

Pratyush Banerjee in khnaachar paakhi

Pratyush Banerjee in khnaachar paakhi

Talking about the main motivation of doing theater alongside a daily soap, he opined, “The main motivation is ‘acting’. Theater, film and serial…all are different mediums. I love acting and that is why I do not treat them differently.”

The actor started his career with theater and respects this creative form a lot. However, when it comes to economic dependence, he gives importance to serial.

“Acting is my passion and at the same time it is my source of income. So, when I think commercially, serial gets more prominence,” he stated.

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