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‘Mere Angne Mein Spoilers’ Ashok Loves Nirmala

‘Mere Angne Mein Spoilers’ Ashok Loves another women Nirmala – The popular Star Plus daily ‘Mere Angne Mein’ is the story of a typical Ammaji vs Sarla melodrama with its predictable clashes and conclusions, the creative team of Sphere Origins has suddenly given the story a totally unexpected twist!

Ashish Roy, who portrays the popular character of a loving husband on the show, is shown to have another woman in his life! The mild-mannered, self-satisfied man who is totally besotted with his bad-tempered and utterly manipulative wife Sarla (Ananya Khare), is seen canoodling with a woman named Nirmala.  The Real Name of Nirmala is Shruti Sharma.

Shruti Sharma | Nirmala in Mere Angane Mein | Images | Nirmala with Ashok | Mere Angane Mein Spoilers

Shruti Sharma and Ashok in Mere Angane Mein

The scene they shoot was how Rani (Roshni Rastogi) sees them together and, in spite of Ashish telling her not to reveal this to his wife, she promptly spills the beans to her. What follows is total mayhem in the house as Sarla confronts him and demands an explanation. Just then Ashok receives a phone call that they have to vacate their house within 24 hours!

This double crisis promises some interesting viewing in the coming weeks for sure. All that is left to see is whether Ashish manages to retain his fan following after this staggering revelation about his character. Well, we shall wait and watch.

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