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Who is Vishkanya in Chakravartin Samrat Ashok | Droutinelife

Droutinelife : Who is Vishkanya in Chakravartin Samrat Ashok – The well known face from Star Plus’s serial Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara, actress Alefia Kapadia is all set to join the show Chakravartin Samrat Ashok on Colors channel. She is heard to be playing the role of Vishkanya (poisonous maiden).

Alefia Kapadia | Vishkanya in Chakranvartin Smarat Ashoka

Alefia Kapadia as Vishkanaya

Alefia will enter the Maurean palace as a dasi (servant) with cruel intentions to kill Bindusara (Sameer Dharmadhikari) and will enter the palace under Chanakya’s (Manoj Joshi) guidelines due to some sort of association with him.

It would be revealed that Vishkanya’s entry has more mysterious facts and Chanakya had planned it all to secure the Mauryans regime.