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Will Riya Marry to Shivam or Amit? | Mere Angne Mein

Droutinelife : All of you are thinking that to whom will Riya Marry in Mere Angne Mein? Riya Mathur aka Ekta Kaul is the lovable bride with two prospective grooms, Shivam Shrivastav (Character Real Name is Karam Rajpal ) and Shivam’s brother, Amit Mathur ( Real Name of character is Neeraj Malviya ).

Sarla is hiding Amit from all the functions and fate makes Shivam sit for the haldi as well as tilak rasam. Shanti challenges Bua for dance in the sangeet function, which gives goosebumps to Sarla. Sarla plans many things to hide the fact from Shivam that Riya is the bride and does not let them clear things. Shivam then comes to know the entire story. Sarla sends Shivam away from marriage. Shivam comes on the horse and makes a heroic entry. He will be marrying Riya, saving her from Sarla’s plans.

Who will be Riya's Life Partner | To whom Riya will marry | Shivam or Amit | Mere Angne Mein

Who will be Riya’s Life Partner? Shivam or Amit

The current wedding track of Mere Angne Mein (Sphere origins) having so much drama.  It looks like a roller coaster ride.  Once its looks that the truth will be revealed then a new planning is done by Sarla Bua.  Drama and Planning of Sarla bua (Ananya Khare) to Dadiji’s (Krutika Desai) is really at a high point.  Dadiji is like a  dictator in both Mathur and Shirvastav families.

Where Sarla wants Amit to marry Riya, Riya on the other hand loves Shivam and thinks she is getting married to Shivam. Shivam on the other hand loves Riya but thinks that Amit will end up getting married to Riya. Amidst all of this Sarla bua fools Shivam by saying that Amit is marrying to Priya, twin sister of Riya.

A case of hits and misses, ploy and deploy, confusion and miscalculations, love and hatred, clash of ideologies and diplomacy the show serves everything on a platter. Riya Mathur will be married to Shivam in the end.

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